We have a vision



                                                  TO CURE INHERITED RETINAL DISEASE.
We know that this is a big goal. But we also know that we can get there. Heart transplants, a cure for Smallpox and immunisation against cervical cancer, were all difficult to picture once.


We’re actively raising funds for research towards a cure for Inherited Retinal Diseases. We’re getting closer all the time, and we won’t give up until we get there.

Dr Scott Hollier has recently released his book ‘Outrunning the Night’


‘The life of Dr Scott Holier is not what you’d call typical – he is well-educated, has a good job, is a husband, father, legally blind, loves computers and gadgets, goes to church and enjoys travel, spending time with friends and following his favourite football team. For most people, the atypical part of this description is ‘legally blind’, but from Scott’s perspective, it’s his traitorous support of a football team outside his home state of Western Australia which makes him stand out from the crowd.

For people with disabilities everything listed above should be typical yet for a variety of reasons the pursuit of education, embracing the benefits of technology, finding a good job, finding a partner and ultimately getting outside the front door can be challenging for many. While Scott can relate due to having a degenerative eye condition that has nearly extinguished all of his sight, his story looks less at what society should do to help him, but rather what a person with a disability can do to give back to a joyous and generous world.

Outrunning The Night is an autobiography whose purpose is to provide support to people of disadvantage, whether its daily challenges, disability-specific or supporting someone in need. The book does not feature anyone the pinnacle of sporting achievement or a brilliant mind, but rather it’s intended to be a celebration of life, happiness, joy, overcoming difficulties and ultimately explaining that making it in this world does not mean you have to climb Everest, but overcoming the little things to achieve the everyday things.’

You can purchase Scott’s book online in paperback or several ebook formats. Visit http://hollier.info/outrunning-the-night/ today.


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